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        Welcome to this Site. Garhwali Songs is Heart of Garhwali Music. Even We talk About Different languages of world, Gadhwali Is a quite different and Wonderful Language. Do You Know it is most widely spoken in the North Indian state of Uttrakhand. The Pahari sub language is the mother of the Garhwali dialect along with Kumauni (spoken in the Kumaun region of Uttrakhand) and Himanchali (spoken in Himachal Pradesh). The closest language is Kumauni (or Kumaoni) to its immediate east, in the Central subgroup of the Pahari chain of dialects stretching from Himachal Pradesh to Nepal. Garhwali, like Kumauni, has many regional dialects spoken in different places in Uttarakhand. The script used for Garhwali is Devanagari. So How we can forget the importance of Garhwali, pahadi, kumauni Music, Films and Videos?

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October 23, 2010

Chhakna Baand

Download Garhwali MP3 SONGS from Chhakna Baand By Gajendra Rana & Meena Rana
View Video Click Here Garhwali Tube

Chamba Ki Sunaina

Download Garhwali MP3 SONGS from Chamba Ki Sunaina By Meena Rana & Anil Kalura

October 7, 2010

Katha Kartik Swami Ki

Download Garhwali MP3 SONGS from Katha Kartik Swami Ki By Meena Rana & Narendra Singh Negi

September 21, 2010

Gaja Baja (Dhol-Damo Mashakbin)

Downloads Garhwali MP3 SONGS From Gaja Baja (Dhol-Damo Mashakbin) By Hukum Lal, Praveen Das, Uttam Das